Best Left Forgotten

Quest Giver
Kasumi Nakano
Far Harbor Quests
635 XP
The Nucleus
Previous Quest
Where You Belong
Next Quest
The Way Life Should Be, Reformation, Cleansing the Land
Best Left Forgotten is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Best Left Forgotten Information


  1. Gain access to DiMA's terminal
  2. Retrieve DiMA's memories
  3. Uncover DiMA's secret medical facility
  4. Uncover the location of the nuclear launch key
  5. Recover the Wind Farm Kill Switch code




Rad Resist.png After speaking with Kasumi Nakano, head back to the wilds of the Island and make your way towards to The Nucleus map marker. This is a long journey, so be prepared for many enemy encounters. Along the road you may stop at any one of a number of locations to clear out and complete any side quests you may have picked up by this point.

Rad Resist.png Upon arriving at the Nucleus, you will witness a proving of loyalty from 2 members of the faith. Afterwards, speak with Grand Zealot Richter. He will discuss their faith and offer you admittance to the Children of Atom via ritual. If you accept he will send you to drink from a spring. This will trigger the Visions In The Fog side quest. If you enter The Nucleus without performing this ritual, you will be marked as a hostile and fired upon by all members.

Rad Resist.png Once you have completed the ritual and have gained access, enter the facility where you will bear witness to a speech from the High Confessor. Make your way to the back of the facility and up the stairs to come to a door. Enter it with a warning from a guard about the fate of those who tried to obtain the secrets before.

Rad Resist.png Straight ahead you will see a series of sliding laser trip wires. Carefully navigate through them. Watch for the turret ahead. You will now encounter 2 Protectron and a Mr. Gutsy enemy. Dispatch them and open a door with a danger sign to its left. Enter the stairwell and head up the stairs to the tunnel. Follow the winding tunnel to find an Assaultron. Dispatch the difficult foe, retreating to cover if needed. Continue on, defeating the Protectron and turrets you encounter.

Rad Resist.png You will come to a room at the end of the tunnel. Access the terminal to unlock the security doors. Enter the room and approach the main computer. It will notify you that the auxiliary power is off. Open the door to the right and enter this section filled with computers. Find the auxiliary power switch and activate it to power up the mainframe. A legendary Assaultron will arrive. This is a difficult fight, and it will also mutate. Use the room to your advantage, leading it in circles, buying yourself time and distance from its devastating laser beam. Now is a good time to use your critical attack.

DiMA's Memories

Rad Resist.png Once defeated, access the computer and beginning sifting through DiMA's memories. You will be transported to his memory bank which is a logic puzzle. You will have to safely navigate the sprites to the long term memory bank. You may exit the simulation at any time by pressing the button indicated by exit simulation; it will save your progress along the upcoming memory chain. You can select the light colored blocks to place into gaps to ensure your indexers can safely advance. You will come to a red firewall. Move a block that is obstructing the coder beam. It will now reach the firewall's weak point, causing it to disappear. Place another block across the gap for your indexers. You will come to another firewall. Rotate the block that is being hit by the beam so that it reflects the beam towards the weak point in the firewall. Use the blocks here to build a path for your indexers across the gap.

Rad Resist.png Once they reach the long term bank, the defense network will activate and attempt to eliminate your indexers. Using the workshop build tool, construct several defense constructs and place them along the path to serve as protection for your indexers. Each surviving indexer returns a 20% of the total memory. Keep them protected until you reach 100%. Once complete listen to the memory. Go across to step into the next memory.

Rad Resist.png In this memory, head down to the left and remove the block that is obstructing the beam. The beam will travel up the green pathway. Follow the beam's path and remove the 2 blocks in successive walls to allow the beam to pass through until it hits a code block. Remove this code block and replaces it with a nearby decoder relay, making sure to rotate it so that it relays the beam towards the firewall, destroying it. Continue down the path to find another firewall. Use the code blocks to build a column in the location where the beam and firewall direction intersect, and place a decoder relay at the top to guide the beam into the wall. Next close the gap with code blocks and begin building defense constructs to protect your digital buddies. Listen to the memory revelation about the sub's nuclear weapon and step into the data stream to the next memory.

Rad Resist.png Remove the code blocks in the wall straight ahead to allow the beam to destroy the firewall. Use the blocks to construct a path. Head to the next area where you will find a firewall to your left and right. Above the firewall on the left is a section you can jump into. Return to the start and jump up the blocks on the right (if you are facing the data stream you entered from). Head towards the firewall and make an angled jump into the alcove. You will find a decoder relay. Select it and hop down. Use surrounding code blocks to build a pillar and top it with the relay to divert the beam into the firewall. Now to destroy the other firewall, simply relocate the pillar you just erected two spaces backwards to divert the beam into the relay (remove the block obstructing this relay in the wall) which will send it up the green path and into the firewall. Now use the blocks nearby to construct a path across. You will come to another firewall. Return to the area where you just were and store some code blocks and the decoder relay that is also here in your workshop. Return to the start and now take the makeshift stairs left. Head to where the beam location intersects with the firewall weak point and use the stored blocks to construct a pillar, with the decoder relay on top. Rotate the relay if needed to destroy the firewall. Now head back down and complete the gap. Set up defense constructs to protect the indexers. Listen to the memory about DiMA's contingency plan against Far Harbor and step into the next data stream.

Rad Resist.png In the next memory, head up the short steps and construct a pillar to divert the beam into the firewall. You will have to build it across the gap with the decoder relay. Once the firewall is down, grab the blocks here as well as the decoer relay and construct another pillar to divert the beam into the next firewall. The large firewall will collapse allowing the sprites to proceed. Ahead is a large firewall with a weak spot on its top left. Return to the pillars you made and store the blocks and decoder relays. Head below to the lower level and place a block and decoder relay to divert the beam forward and another block and decoder relay to divert the beam into the green path which will send it to the weak spot of the firewall. Close the gap for your indexers and build constructs to protect them. Listen to the memory for a shocking revelation and step into the next data stream.

Rad Resist.png This next memory is a doozy. Build a bridge to the center pyramid, using nearby code blocks. At the pyramid remove the code block that is directly across the weak point of the firewall left of the pyramid. Go inside the pyramid and store/move the decoder relay and build a pillar and place the decoder relay at the spot that is level with the hole that leads to the weak part of the pyramid. The beam will divert and destroy the firewall. Now, build a bridge to the area you just freed from the firewall and construct a pillar 3 blocks tall with a decoder relay on top to divert the beam into the next firewall. Store as many spare code blocks as you see, as you will need many. Build a bridge to the next area, and construct a pillar here using the decoder relay on the platform. You want to aim the beam at a point on the structure where a removeable code block sits. Head back to the central pyramid and build a bridge across to this structure. Enter it and remove the code blocks that are obstructing the beam. It will enter the green path. Head back to the memory start and if you're facing the memory stream, build a bridge to the area to your left. Once there, store the decoder relay and head left to drop to the stairs-like section. Go up the stairs, head left and up again and head towards the beam that is shooting into the ceiling. Remove the code blocks in this structure and head inside. Place a code block and a decoder relay in this central area so that the light beam diverts out of the hole you made when you removed the code block. This will destroy the next firewall. (Work in progress). Completing this unlocks a bonus memory that points you to map markers in a miscellaneous objective to obtain some Marine Combat Armor.

Rad Resist.png Once the memories are in your possession, you can now proceed to uncover the contents of the 3 memories. If you return to speak with DiMA, he will mention he knows about your theft and has been tailing you. Reveal to him what you've learned of his memories. He will express regret over them all and will ask for your help in resolving the matter peacefully. You may agree to trigger the Reformation quest or call for the destruction of Far Harbor or the Children of Atom. As it pertains to the synth replacement, he will express a desire to keep it quiet lest Far Harbor turns on Acadia. What you decide to do from here on will determine the fate of the 3 towns, so choose wisely. You may work towards peace in the Reformation or pursue the quests given by the following objectives to take a more destructive path.

The Medical Facility

Rad Resist.png The first memory is the secret medical facility located at the Vim Pop Factory in the south central part of the island. Make the trek to the facility being mindful of beasts along the path. Upon arriving across the small bridge you find it overrun by Super Mutants and their Mutant Hounds. Make your way through the perimeter and to the marked door towards the back of the compound. Enter the compound to complete the objective and start The Way Life Should Be quest.

The Nuclear Launch Key

Rad Resist.png The second memory revolves around a nuclear launch key. Your destination will be the Harbor Grand Hotel, south from Acadia. Surprise! It's overrun by Super Mutants. Make your way into the courtyard, taking care of the enemies along the way. Enter the hotel through the marked door to complete the objective and begin the Cleansing the Land quest if you have not triggered it already. If you see this quest through to the end it will also result in completing this quest.

Wind Farm Kill Switch Code

Rad Resist.png The final memory involves recovering the Wind Farm kill switch code near DiMA's Cache on the western edge of The Island. Make your way to the map marker which is quite a distance away. Your destination is a small island. Once on the island, notice the disturbed earth marked and dig. You will uncover a case with the wind turbine code. Take it. This will trigger the Cleansing the Land quest if you have not yet.

Rad Resist.png Finding all 3 objectives completes the quest or you may force an ending by seeing the Cleansing the Land quest through to the destruction of either the Nucleus or Far Harbor.

Notes & Notable Loot

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