The Way Life Should Be

Quest Giver
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Far Harbor Quests
762 XP
Vim Pop Factory
Previous Quest
Best Left Forgotten
Next Quest
Reformation or Close to Home
The Way Life Should Be is a Quest in Fallout 4. This quest is (repeatable/not repeatable/delete if N/A).

The Way Life Should Be Information


  1. Find out DiMA's secret
  2. Confront DiMA about Avery's murder
  3. Tell Far Harbor about Avery's murder
  4. (Optional) Report back to Kasumi
  5. Have Teddy Wright examine the skull
  6. Determine the fate of Acadia
  7. Watch of partake in the Acadia attack
  8. Talk to Allen Lee




Rad Resist.png Investigating the Vim Pop Factory from the Best Left Forgotten quest will trigger this quest which charges you with clearing out a Super Mutant infestation of the old beverage factory. Prepare yourself for a wicked gun fight right from the get go from brutes and hounds alike. As soon as you enter the building prepare to defend yourself. Use cover and push through the mutants to advance. If you push forward and up the stairs, once you've dispatched the enemeis, you'll come to a room with Power Armor and a nifty paint job.

Rad Resist.png Your objective is to head down the stairs to the lowest level of the facility where you fill find a super mutant master in a large room with some bottling equipment. You will come to a terminal which you must hack to access the security door control. Open the door to the elevator and take it up. You will come to a room with an unmarked grave and a dig prompt. A time lapse screen will briefly transition and you will find yourself standing over an open grave with a skeleton. There are 3 items in the grave. A holotape, Avery's locket and Avery's skull. It turns out Captain Avery is a synth implant and the real Avery was murdered to make way for it. You now have a couple of choice with how to proceed. You may go to Far Harbor and let them know what has happened, report to Kasumi or you can confront DiMA about the murder. Exit the facility to head towards your chosen destination.

Rad Resist.png If you choose to inform the residents of Far Harbor of the treachery, make your way to the coastal town and speak to Avery. After some persistence she will accept the truth. She will ask you to keep it a secret. If you decline, you can speak to Allen Lee and drop the bombshell. He will send you to see Teddy to ensure the skull is indeed Avery's. Teddy will confirm it is Avery but will ask you to keep it from Allen to avoid bloodshed. From here you may opt to tell Avery or confront DiMA.

Rad Resist.png If you opt to confront DiMA, and you have gained access to The Nucleus he will mention he has been shadowing you and knows of your theft. If you confront him he will be shocked. You may attempt to resolve this diplomatically. At this point it is up to you whether to keep his secret. The fate of Acadia is in your hands. From here you may opt to conceal the truth from Allen in Far Harbor or you may opt to tell Avery. If you opt to work with DiMA instead and keep his secret he will suggest a course of action that may result in peace, namely by replacing the High Confessor of the Children of Atom. He will explain the details if you accept and than you with an item, Acadia's Shield. This will complete this quest and begin the Reformation quest.

Rad Resist.png You may elect to see Kasumi in Acadia and let her know what you've discovered. She will ask you if Acadia is worth saving. Afterwards she will thank you for your efforts with some Stimpak and RadAway freebies.

Rad Resist.png If you opt to tell Avery, he will become rowdy and will make a move to kill Avery. You may intervene and attempt to persuade him against this. Otherwise, the town will support him and he will murder Avery which causes any quests with her to fail and lead the town on an attack of Acadia. Once at Acadia, the mob will ignore reason and attack. This will cause any of your Acadia related quests to now fail and all residents of Acadia will be hostile. You may opt to watch or actively kill them, but you have to enter the compound to advance this. Once all members are slain head outside and speak with Allen Lee to compete the quest. He'll give you Lucky Eddy and the Destroyer of Acadia perk: when severely damaged you'll receive a massive bonus to your damage output for 30 seconds. This will also result in the death of Kasumi, triggering the quest Close to Home.

Notes & Notable Loot

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