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Far Harbor Quests
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Nakano Residence
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Close to Home is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Close to Home Information


  1. Talk to Kasumi
  2. Talk to Mr. Nakano



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Rad Resist.png This quest becomes available once Kasumi's fate has been decided, via the ultimate fate of The Island.

Rad Resist.png If she has died during an attack such as the one in The Way Life Should Be (if you opted to tell Avery resulting in him leading the attack on Acadia, return to the boat in Far Harbor and return to the Nakano Residence and bring her parents the bad news.

Rad Resist.png This quest will also become available after crippling Far Harbor in Cleansing the Land or creating peace after Reformation. Find her in Acadia and speak with her. She will express regret and a desire to return home. When she parts, make your way back to the Nakano Residence via the boat in Far Harbor (be careful with Far Harbor after it has been destroyed). You will arrive at their residence just in time to witness the happy reunion! Speak to Kenji to complete the quest. He will offer you a stash of supplies, which will appear as a misc. objective. You will also receive a misc. objective to speak to Ellie. Dig up the supply stash for some nice loot. Speak with Ellie back at Diamond City to bring a little bit of closure to the whole story.

Notes & Notable Loot

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