Memory Interrupted

Quest Giver
Doctor Amari
The Railroad Misc. Quest
Bottlecap 200x, Railroad Stealth Boy 2x
Old North Church
Previous Quest
Next Quest
Memory Interrupted is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Memory Interrupted Information


  1. Talk to Doctor Amari
  2. Eliminate the Gen 1s
  3. Report back to Desdemona




Rad Resist.png Speak to PAM at The Railroad base who will tell you about a synth stuck at Memory Den, unable to escape. Travel to Goodneighbor and speak with Doctor Amari in the Memory Den and inform her of the plan. You may opt to obtain the holotape from H2-22.

Rad Resist.png Head to Malden Center in the northern Commonwealth to eliminate the Gen 1 Synth group who is preventing the Railroad's runners from getting H2-22 out. Glory, a Railroad agent will meet you at the door. You may take her with or go it alone.

Rad Resist.png Once inside Malden Center, kill all the synths marked on your Pip-Boy. You may optionally kill the Raider group here. Finish the task and return to Desdemona for your reward of caps and a Railroad Stealth Boy x2. The Railroad stealth boys can also now be purchased from Tinker Tom.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Desdemona will only try to recruit me to the Railroad when I speak to her, and the conversation ends when I say No or Not Sure or Why do you think the Minutemen hate synths? I have three missions in this limbo.

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