Tumblers Today

Perk Book
Tumblers Today is a Perk Book in Fallout 4.

Tumblers Today Information

Effects Per Issue

  1. Gain a bonus to lockpicking.

Where to Find/Location

  • Fens street sewer: In the northwest catwalks and tunnels near a holotape on a metal drawers.
  • West Roxbury station: In the eastern platform maintenance room, next to the wall button.
  • Easy City downs: On the chest near the black sofa in the commentator's area located in the southwest side of the racetrack.
  • Poseiden Energy Turbine: On a metal shelf inside the metal control room in the northwest corner of the facility.
  • Malden center: Inside one of the cargo carriages in the deepest part of the Raider camp.

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