Living on the Edge

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Far Harbor Side Quest
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Far Harbor
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Living on the Edge is a Quest in Fallout 4. This quest is a general help quest for the inhabitants of Far Harbor. After the first 2 initial quests, more will appear periodically. Find and speak to each individual to ascertain their needs, which will result in a new quest.

Living on the Edge Information


  1. Help the citizens of Far Harbor
  2. (Optional) Help Cassie Dalton
  3. (Optional) Help the Mariner
  4. (Optional) Help Captain Avery




Rad Resist.png Find Cassie and speak to her about her request for revenge. She seems a little off but hear her out and she will begin telling you stories about family members. She will tell you about the fate of Petey and send you on your way to avenge him. This will trigger the Blood Tide side quest.

Rad Resist.png Speak to The Mariner to respond to her request. She will ask you to obtain some tools to repair Far Harbor's wall known as the Hull. This will trigger the Hull Breach side quest.

Rad Resist.png Eventually you will be alerted to a request from Captain Avery. She asks you to look into the situation with some fog condensers that protect a water purifier. This will trigger the Safe Passage side quest.

Rad Resist.png After completing 3 objectives, Teddy will approach you with a proposition. Speak with him to accept the Rite of Passage quest. This will complete this first round of assistance quests.

Notes & Notable Loot

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