Rite of Passage

Quest Giver
Teddy Wright
Far Harbor Side Quest
445 XP
Far Harbor
Previous Quest
Living on the Edge
Next Quest
The Changing Tide
Rite of Passage is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Rite of Passage Information


  1. Drop meat in the water
  2. Kill the mirelurks
  3. Drop more meat in the water
  4. Kill the Mirelurk Queen
  5. Return to Teddy Wright




Rad Resist.png After completing the 3 objectives in Living on the Edge Teddy Wright will approach you will an opportunity to become legend. You'll have to do the Captain's Dance by going to the marked location on the map and dropping meat in the water to cause a frenzy. You'll need some meat in your inventory to proceed.

Rad Resist.png Make your way to the marked location on the western portion of the map. Once arriving at the spot of the marker, open your inventory and drop some meat into the water. This should trigger the arrival of Mirelurks, so be ready for a right. If they don't arrive at drop, pick up the meat and relocate to the precise point of the marker. Kill the marked mirelurks including the legendary who will mutate into a force to be reckoned with. You may notice a terrified NPC in the area named Dottie. If you speak with him he will tell you he was sent by the doctor to bear witness.

Rad Resist.png Defeat them and you will be prompted to drop more meat in the water. Do so to take on a Mirelurk King and Hunter and Mirelurk. Finally a legendary Mirelurk Queen will arrive. This is a formidable opponent that is going to require a lot of firepower. Keep your distance from her spray and watch for the hatchlings she spawns. If the fight is proving too difficult or you are lacking in high damage weaponry, consider luring her to a nearby location of enemies, such as the Trapper settlement Rayburn Point. They will engage her (as well as you so be careful) which will help bring her down and buy you some time to get free shots in.

Rad Resist.png Once she is defeated, return to Far Harbor and speak with Teddy. He will make a speech in your honor with Dottie serving as witness to your deeds. He will welcome you as one of their own and tell you that more work should open up for you now. He will direct you to speak with Mitch at the Last Plank. Speak to him again to receive The Captain's Hat as a reward and trigger The Changing Tide.

Notes & Notable Loot

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