Safe Passage

Quest Giver
Captain Avery
Far Harbor Side Quest
381 XP
Far Harbor
Previous Quest
Living on the Edge
Next Quest
Safe Passage is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Safe Passage Information


  1. Search for Howard Dunbar
  2. Use the Power Modules to Repair the Fog Condensors
  3. Return to Captain Avery




Rad Resist.png From the Living on the Edge branch of quests, Captain Avery will ask for some help with fog condensers used to protect a water purifier. She willl ask you to search for Howard Dunbar, near Far Harbor. Make your way to the nearby town and head behind a house to find a Mirelurk ambush. Defeat them and find that Howard didn't make it. It's on you now to fix the fog condensers. Take the components from his corpse and head to the broken condensers marked on your map.

Rad Resist.png Repair all 3 and head back to Far Harbor to speak with Captain Avery and complete the quest. This will also complete an objective in Living on the Edge.

Notes & Notable Loot

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