Bolstering is a Legendary Armor Modifier in Fallout 4. It can drop on any Armor piece from Legendary Enemies and is random.

Bolstering Effects

  • The lower your Health, the more energy and damage resistance is given (up to +35)


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    • Anonymous

      Question about bolstering perk for legendary armor.28 Aug 2016 12:20  

      In fallout 4 when you have multiple legendary armor pieces that have the bolstering perk (gain more damage resistance the lower your Heath (up to +35)) does the damage resistance amount go up the more pieces you have? So for example, if I have legendary armor for my left arm, right arm, and left leg and all 3 have the bolstering perk, does the maximum amount of damage resistance increase to +105, or does it still stay at +35? Hopefully this makes sense! Thanks!

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