Legendary Armor are Armor in Fallout 4 that have unique and special properties. They are randomly dropped by Legendary Enemies. The Armor Mods used by similar items can still be used with Legendary Armor.

You can find a list of the various Legendary properties and their effect on the armor.

Legendary Armor

Armor Name Modifier Legendary Effect
Acrobat's Reduces falling damage by 50%
Almost Unbreakable Improves durability of the armor by 4 times
Assassin's Reduces damage taken from Humans by 15%
Bolstering The lower your Health, the more energy and damage resistance is given (up to +35)
Cavalier's Take 15% less damage while blocking or sprinting
Chameleon You are harder to detect while you're sneaking and not moving
Cunning Gives Agility +1, Perception +1
Duelist's Grants 10% chance to disarm a melee attacker when hit
Exterminator's Reduces damage from Mirelurks and bugs by 15%
Fortifying Strength +1, Endurance +1
Freefall Prevents falling damage
Ghoul Slayer's Reduces damage taken from Ghouls by 15%
Herbalist's +25 poison resistance
Hunter's Reduces damage from animals by 15%
Low Weight Low carry weight
Lucky Gives Luck +2
Martyr's Temporarily slows time during combat if you are at 20% Health or less
Mutant Slayer's Reduces damage taken from Super Mutants by 15%
Powered Increases Action Points refresh speed
Punishing 10% of melee damage is reflected back on the attacker
Safecracker's Increases the size of the "sweet spot" while picking locks
Sharp Gives Charisma +1, Intelligence +1
Sprinter's Boosts movement speed by 15%
Titan's Reduces damage while standing and not moving by 15%
Troubleshooter's Reduces damage taken from Robots by 15%
V.A.T.S. Enhanced Reduces Action Points cost in V.A.T.S. by 10%

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