The Silver Shroud

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Kent Connolly
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The Silver Shroud is a Quest in Fallout 4.

The Silver Shroud Information


  1. Talk with Kent Connolly
  2. Get the Silver Shroud costume
  3. Give Kent the Silver Shroud costume
  4. Talk with Kent
  5. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
  6. Kill Wayne Delancy
  7. Put calling card on Wayne's body
  8. Deal with AJ
  9. Put calliing card on AJ's body
  10. Talk with Whitechapel Charlie
  11. Kill Kendra
  12. Put calling card on Kendra's body
  13. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
  14. (Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller
  15. (Optional) Collect assaination payment
  16. Meet with Hancock as the Shroud
  17. Kill Smiling Kate
  18. Kill Northy
  19. Search body for clues
  20. Find Kent
  21. Listen to Silver Shroud station
  22. Kill Shinjin
  23. (Optional) Save Kent Connolly
  24. Talk with Kent
  25. Meet with Hancock as the Shroud




Rad Resist.png In the Memory Den in Goodneighbor speak to a ghoul named Kent Connolly. He is a fanatic over the comic book superhero the Silver Shroud to the point that he wants to don the costume. Go to Hubris Comics to make his dreams come true and initiate the Best.Side.Quest.Ever.

Rad Resist.png Go to the comics shop and clear the location out of Feral Ghouls. Go to the top floor where the recording studio is and take the Silver Shroud Costume and Silver Shroud Hat and leave.

Rad Resist.png Go see Kent and receive your reward of caps, a weapon and Silver Shroud Calling Cards. He asks you to join him as a crimefighter while he uses his radio station to broadcast crimes for you to fight while wearing the costume. You agree that this isn't weird at all and take to the streets to help him live out his poorly thought out vigilante fantasy.

Rad Resist.png Tune your radio to the Silver Shroud Radio station and wait for instructions from Kent. He will broadcast to you:
  • Wayne Delancy a murderer in the alley behind Hotel Rexford. Kill him and leave a calling card on his body.
  • AJ the chem dealer in an alley in front of Bobbi's house. Kill him and leave a card.
  • Kendra an assassin who can be tracked down by talking to Whitechapel Charlie at The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. You can bribe him for 60 caps or shed your sense of shame and speak to him with the costume on. She will be found at Water Street Apartments. There will be a contract on her for Shelly Tiller. You can opt here to go against Kent's wishes and follow the contract through by finding Shelly at the National Guard Training Yard. Claim the bounty of 500 caps by turning in the contract and your last shreds of humanity at a tool case west of the Goodneighbor entrance.
  • Return to Goodneighbor and speak with John Hanock and agree to help eradicate evil.
  • Smiling Kate in the Charlestown Neighborhood near Bunker Hill.
  • Northy in the Cambridge Neighborhood south of Wattz Consumer Electronics. Loot his corpse for the note Find the Silver Shroud. You discover that Sinjin, the local crime boss whose thugs you've been killing is going to Goodneighbor to get rid of Kent.

Rad Resist.png Kent's boyish fantasty has become all too real now. Keep listening to the radio to discover they are taking him to Milton General Hospital. Push through the facility and take out all the foes until you reach an elevator down. This is a tough battle so come prepared with heavy firepower. Bring an end to Sinjin and Avery and save Kent. If you rescue him he will offer to upgrade your armor at level 25, 35 and 45. Speak to Hancock to finish the quest.

Notes & Notable Loot

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      You can find the prop gun, signed photo, and the outfit in the Huberis Comics building located East of Diamond City, near the entrance to Vault 114

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