Star Control

Type Nuka-World Quests
Reward XP
Location Galactic Zone
Previous Quest NA
Next Quest Star Control

Star Control is a DLC Quest in Fallout 4.

Star Control Information



  1. Investigate the battle site
  2. Read Tiana's log
  3. Locate Star Control
  4. Repair the Mainframe
  5. (Optional) Clear the Galactic Zone
  6. Find Star Cores in the Galactic Zone Grounds
  7. Find Star Cores outside the Galactic Zone
  8. Find Star Cores in the Starlight Interstellar Theater
  9. Find Star Cores in Vault-Tec:Among the Stars
  10. Use the Mainframe to Secure the Zone
  11. Assign a Gang to the Galactic Zone





Rad Resist.png Mission automatically starts when you step into the Galactic Zone
Rad Resist.png Find the Star Control panel
Rad Resist.png Collect Star Core


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??

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