Below is a list of locations where you can find Raider Power Armor set or parts.
Note: When killing a raider wearing raider power armor, the parts are usually damaged so you will have to repair them at your base. The power armor's fusion core is not a guaranteed drop, regardless of the fact that it is visible on the back of the raider. Non-named raiders will respawn after a time; allowing you to steal or take their armor again.

  • Powerful Raider that usually wears it at the Dunwich Borers (Towards the east). You can loot the parts after defeating him.
  • Glowing Sea in the southwest corner of the map. (Called "Cave" on the map. This place is heavily irradiated.)
  • In Lexington -- a raider spawns on the roof across from the Corvega Plant in a full set. (Note: he is heavily guarded by turrets and uses a Fat Man) Behind a Nuka Cola sign.
  • In Lexington -- a raider spawns on the broken rooftop near the previous raider. A bathtub can be see on the broken building outcropping.
  • In Outpost Zimonja, you can see a raider named "Boomer" wearing a full set.
  • At the Roadside Pines Motel.
  • On a raider in Federal Ration Stockpile (incomplete set)
  • On a raider atop the Massachusetts State House (Full set)
  • In Poseidon Energy on the top floors there is a raider named Cutty with a full set.
  • Tessa has a unique Raider Power Right Arm named Tessa's Fist
  • On a raider named Clint atop the highway near Tessa near the Quincy Ruins
  • There is a Raider in armor on the "Wreck on the USS Riptide"

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      29 May 2018 03:36  

      Theres A Guy Called Clint Who Has A Full Set Of Random Power Armour On The Elavated Highway Near The Quincy Police Station

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