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Painting the Town is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Painting the Town Information


  1. Search the Hardware Store for Paint
  2. (Optional) Mix a batch of Green Paint
  3. Return to Abbot
  4. Apply a paint to the Wall
  5. Talk to Abbot




Rad Resist.png Speak to Abbot in what used to be left field in Diamond City. Have a conversation with him about the wall (the former famous Green Monster) and he will explain his duties in its upkeep. He will ask you to help him secure some paint to complete his work.

Rad Resist.png Travel to the Hardware Store nearby to begin your search. You encounter a settler in distress at the door, asking for help in saving someone. Beware of an imminent Raider ambush in the backroom area. Fight through the handful of raiders here and take out their boss Demo.

Rad Resist.png Locate the paint shelves on the back wall of the stockroom. You will see that although there is plenty of paint, none of the cans are green. You may take an optional step here and use the paint mixer next to the shelves to create Green Paint for Abbot; doing so will earn you more caps when you turn in. Take a can of Blue Paint and a can of Yellow Paint and then activate the mixer. Green Paint will be added to your inventory.

Rad Resist.png Return to Abbot in left field and report your success. He will tell you to go ahead and apply the first paint stroke to the wall. Speak to Abbot to complete the quest and claim your caps reward. He'll throw in a bonus if you brought him green paint.

Notes & Notable Loot

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