Wild Mongrel

Wild Mongrel is an enemy in Fallout 4.

Wild Mongrel Information


  • They tend to hunt in a pack, in the woods. So watch out if you're wandering off the main roads.


  • Usually in the woods looking for preys.
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Wild Mongrel Variations

DMG Resistance
Wild Mongrel

Alpha Wild Mongrel

Vicious Mongrel

Physical Resist.png 25 energy_damage.png 15 Rad Resist.png Immune


  • They are difficult to outrun.
  • They cannot jump on a rock, but their attacks have a certain range that will reach you if you stay too close to the edge of the rock.
  • When they cannot reach you, they'll get out of sight to avoid damage.
  • No valuable loot. Not even the Alpha variant.

Hunting Instructions (Worst-Case Scenario)

These dog-like creatures hunt in packs of usually three, but there could be more in a pack. In the this case, we're having 5 Wild Mongrels and an Alpha Wild Mongrel. The Alpha is the leader of the pack and is tough as concrete and does almost twice (or 2.5) the damage that his standard counterparts do.
If you try to take them on directly, you'll end up as their meal, so before doing anything, see if there are any rocks nearby. You can get on a rock and laugh at them while they're circling you. But what if there are no rocks nearby? You cannot outrun them easily, they'll be on your tail and jump at you and do a lot of damage. Do not ever run straight! They try to attack from different directions (If there are three, then every 120 degree arc is a Wild Mongrel charging at you. Not going into Mathematics this time.). They jump attack in a straight line, so the best thing you can do is to run in a random circle and jump and jump and jump, then shoot them while they are recovering from the attack. DBL works wonders, but Laser Musket is the weapon you're going to need (or any weapon with high single-shot damage).
See them close by, jump-strafe then shoot! It's as simple as that. If there is a tree nearby, you can circle around the tree and shoo(t) them with leads and lasers etc. while they try to follow your trails. Try doing a sneak attack before hunting, so you can conserve ammo.

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