Where You Belong

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Far Harbor Quests
635 XP
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Walk in the Park
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Best Left Forgotten
Where You Belong is a Quest in Fallout 4. This quest is (repeatable/not repeatable/delete if N/A).

Where You Belong Information


  1. Talk to the Leader of Acadia
  2. Talk to Kasumi Nakano
  3. Uncover DiMA's Secrets
  4. (Optional) Talk to DiMA
  5. (Optional) Gain Access to the Storage Room
  6. (Optional) Hack Faraday's Terminal
  7. Obtain Faraday's Program




Rad Resist.png After Old Longfellow escorts you to Acadia, enter the facility and meet DiMA. Speak with him about Kasumi as well as other happenings. Afterwards he will mention his co-founders who need help, which makes the Acadian Ideals side quest available. He will let roam the facility freely to find and speak with Kasumi Nakano

Rad Resist.png Head downstairs to the lowest level to find Kasumi working on a piece of machinery. She will mention she believes there is something amiss in Acadia, and the existence of a secret. She reveals some of the data models she's discovered while working through DiMA's storage. She mentions observing arguments between DiMA, Chase and Farady. You can proceed to find out the secrets in 3 different ways, either by eavesdropping on a meeting, speaking with DiMA or hacking a terminal.

Rad Resist.png If you opt to gain access to the storage room, you can unlock the expert door with a bobby pin. You may then approach the crates here and elect to hide and wait. Eventually the 3 founders will enter the room and have their meeting. You will discover some info about their relationship with the Children of Atom. It seems they've attempted an alliance with the group but it has not gone according to plan.

Rad Resist.png With the info uncovered, head to the control room off the main chamber where you first spoke with DiMA. On a desk you will find Faraday's Program. Take it and return to Kasumi. DiMA's memories are stored with the Children of Atom and he is afraid they may try and wipe out the Island. Kasumi is still unsure if DiMA is still hiding anything and wants a look at his memories to determine where the real threat lies. Finish speaking to her to end the quest and trigger the next, Best Left Forgotten.

Notes & Notable Loot

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