When Freedom Calls

Minutemen Quest
Fusion Cell 50
Bottle Cap 100
Museum of Freedom
Automatic when entering Concord
Previous Quest
Next Quest
Sanctuary (Quest)
When Freedom Calls is an Quest in Fallout 4.

When Freedom Calls Information


  • Pick up the Laser Musket and enter the Museum
  • Clear the raiders from the museum
  • Find the Power source for the power armour
  • Find the power armour and mini gun
  • Kill all the raiders and the Deathclaw
  • Meet with Preston at Sanctuary


Rad Resist.png The quest begins when Preston Garvey instructs you to pick up the Laser Musket from the ground in front of the Museum Of Freedom. Pick up the weapon and head inside. The inside of the museum is largely linear and your instructions are to clear out the raiders from the building to allow the trapped survivors to flee. Work your way through the building killing any raider you find. Head up the stairs and carry on through until you've killed all of the raiders and you finally come face to face with Preston.

Rad Resist.png Here, he will tell you that he is a member of the Minutemen and he has been helping the little group of survivors find a place to call home. One of the group, Mama Murphy, has The Sight and has foretold of a place called Sanctuary which is safe and would allow them to build a home. He tells you that they're stuck because of constant raider attacks and that the raiders need to be destroyed. Their plan of escape involves a suit of Power Armor and a Minigun that can can be found on the roof, but the suit has no power. Head down to the basement and there is a secure door. Hack the door successfully and you'll be able to find the power source for the suit.

Rad Resist.png Head back upstairs. As you go through the room that the survivors are holed up in, make sure to pick up the Perception Bobblehead from the desk and talk to anyone you haven't spoken to yet. Head out of the far end of the room and carry on up to the roof. When you find the power armour, interact with it and you'll climb in, then grab the minigun from the downed Vertibird. As you approach the edge of the roof, raiders will start to swarm in the street. You can either play it safe and stay on the roof, or drop down and take them on up close (the power armour prevents fall damage).

Rad Resist.png Some way through the fight, a Deathclaw will appear. Don't worry about it, simply keep shooting. It can kill you in the power armour, but it's attacks are no where near as dangerous as if you wandered up to one in normal amour.

Rad Resist.png Once the raiders and Deathclaw have been dealt with, head back inside the museum. Preston will tell you that they're heading to Sanctuary and asks if you want to come along. Once the dialogue is finished, travel back to Sanctuary and talk to Preston one last time to end the quest. If you chose to accept his offer to join the Minutemen, the next quest will trigger.

Video Walkthrough

- JudasBlitzkrieg JudasBlitzkrieg When Freedom Calls Walkthrough
When Freedom Calls Walkthrough


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