Western Revolver

Damage Phys Damage.png 72
Ammo Icon.png .44 6
Fire Rate 6
Range 119
Accuracy 66
Weight 5.2
Value 99

Western Revolver is a Non-Automatic Weapon in Fallout 4 added with the Nuka World DLC.

Western Revolver Information


Where to Find/Location


Western Revolver Mods

Western Revolver Receivers

Mod gun_nut-icon.png Gunslinger Info Dam Fire Rate Acc Wgt. Mats
Western Revolver Standard Receiver -   Standard. - - - - Screw 2x, Steel 2x,Nuclear Material 1x
Western Revolver Hardened Receiver star4.png star3.png Better damage. +18 - - +0.5 Adhesive 3x, Crystal 2x, Nuclear Material 2x, Screw 3x, Steel 8x
Western Revolver Powerful Receiver star4.png star4.png Superior damage. +26 - - +0.9 Adhesive 5x, Aluminum 10x, Crystal 2x, Nuclear Material 3x, Screw 4x
Western Revolver Advanced Receiver star4.png Exceptional damage. Improved rate of fire. Better rate of fire. +54 - - +1.8 Adhesive 6x, Aluminum 12x, Crystal 3x, Nuclear Material 4x, Screw 5x

Western Revolver Barrels

Mod gun_nut-icon.png Gunslinger Info Rng Acc Wgt. Mats
Western Revolver Standard Barrel -   Standard. - - - Adhesive 1x, Screw 3x, Steel 4x
Western Revolver Long Barrel Exceptional range. Better recoil +12 - +0.6 Adhesive 5x, Screw 5x, Steel 8x

Western Revolver Grips and Stocks

Mod gun_nut-icon.png Gunslinger Info Acc Wgt. Mats
Western Revolver Standard Grip - - Standard. - - Screw 4x, Steel 6x
Western Revolver Sharpshooter's Grip star4.png star4.png better recoil and hip-fire accuracy. +4 +0.1 Adhesive 4x, Fiberglass 8x, Screw 4x

Western Revolver Sights and Scopes

Mod gun_nut-icon.png science-icon.png Info Acc Wgt. Mats
Western Revolver Standard Sights - - Standard. - - Adhesive 1x, Steel 1x
Western Revolver Short Scope - - Improved magnification and superior sighted accuracy. +12 +0.8 Adhesive 5x, Glass 2x, Screw 3x, Steel 6x
Western Revolver Reflex Sight - - Better focus and sighted accuracy. +4 +0.3 Adhesive 6x, Aluminum 8x, Glass 4x, Nuclear Material 3x, Screw 4x

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