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Weapon Stats in Fallout 4 are the values and numbers associated with Weapons that dictate things like Damage dealt, Range you can shoot, the Fire Rate of rounds, etc. This page will give information related to these Stats as well as provide information related to them.

Weapon Stats Information

  • Damage - This number will vary from weapon to weapon and will determine how much each round will hit for (before armor, damage resistances and other modifiers are taken into account), as well as the type it will hit for. There are only 2 currently known types damage: Physical and Energy. Typically weapons using regular rounds deal physical damage and weapons using Cells deal energy damage.

  • Capacity - This is the max amount of ammunition your weapon can hold before you cannot load any more into it. Generally weapons with higher capacity deal less damage per shot and vice versa.

  • Fire Rate - This is a the rate at which any projectile weapon fires it's ammunition over a given period of time. Weapons with higher Fire Rate generally do less damage per round.

  • Range - This is the distance the rounds of your weapon deal 100% damage (before armor, damage resistances and other modifiers are taken into account). After that distance the weapon will deal a percentage of damage based on the distance past this point.

  • Accuracy - This determines how likely you are to hit the target you are firing at. It effects the weapon bloom of the weapon. Generally weapons with higher accuracy will have small weapon blooms, making hits more likely when aiming properly.

  • Weight - This is the total amount a weapon weighs. It isn't known if this effects combat in any manner yet, but it does count towards your overall carry weight.

  • Value - How much your weapon is worth. Generally the more expensive a weapon is the better Stats it has.

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