Walk in the Park

Quest Giver
Captain Avery
Far Harbor Quests
508 XP
Far Harbor
Previous Quest
Far From Home
Next Quest
Where You Belong
Walk in the Park is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Walk in the Park Information


  1. Talk to the welcome party
  2. Follow Captain Avery
  3. Defend the Hull
  4. Talk to Old Longfellow
  5. Go to Acadia with Old Longfellow
  6. Talk to Old Longfellow




Rad Resist.png You'll come to the docks of Far Harbor where you will meet Allen and Avery. Speak with Avery about the whereabouts of Kasumi and before she can answer she will be alerted to incoming enemies. She asks for your help defeating the enemies in exchange for answering questions. Follow her to the top of the wall to post up on the gate.

Rad Resist.png Defend the location from the Gulper enemies who emerge from the fog, including a legendary. Once the onslaught has been dispatched find Avery and speak with her. She'll thank you and give you 275 caps. You may speak with her for more insight as to what the fog is and what's going on in Far Harbor. Allen will interject and express his desire to eradicate the Children of Atom. Allen and Avery will argue over the atom cult.

Rad Resist.png Speaking further to Avery about Kasumi will result in her recommending Old Longfellow as a guide to Acadia. She will direct you to where to find him. Ending the conversation with her will make the side quest Living on the Edge available.

Rad Resist.png Head over to The Last Plank bar on the dock, stopping to chat with the locals along the way if you wish. Find Old Longfellow seated in a booth. Speak with him about Acadia and Kasumi. You can either bribe him or succeed on a dialogue check to get him to agree to escort you. Once prepared for your journey, speak to him to be on your way.

Rad Resist.png Follow Longfellow out of the outpost and into the mainland. You will enter a scrap with some trappers. Make your way along with Longfellow taking out enemies as you go.

Rad Resist.png Eventually you will encounter a Child of Atom. After a gruff exchange of words between her and Longfellow you may talk to her. She will recruit you to the Children of Atom. If you accept she will direct to The Nucleus for your ritual. You will receive a map marker for this location.

Rad Resist.png Continue on until you arrive at Acadia. You will speak to Longfellow who will offer his services as a Companion and access to his workshop settlement at Longfellow's Cabin. The next part of your journey begins with the quest Where You Belong.

Notes & Notable Loot

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