Visions in the Fog

Quest Giver
Grand Zealot Richter
Far Harbor Quests
508 XP, Robes of Atom's Devoted
The Nucleus
Previous Quest
Best Left Forgotten
Next Quest
What Atom Requires
Visions in the Fog is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Visions in the Fog Information


  1. Drink from the spring
  2. Follow the Figure
  3. Investigate the Holy Site
  4. Unlock the Cache
  5. Collect the Icon
  6. Return to the Grand Zealot




Rad Resist.png Upon discovering The Nucleus and speaking with Grand Zealot Richter, you will be tasked with drinking from a special spring to test your worth. Head to the marker on the map where the spring is located.

Rad Resist.png Once you arrive at Atom's Spring approach the small waterfall and drink. Your vision will distort and a figure will appear. Follow the figure through the island. Eventually the figure will stop and point to a spot. Investigate the holy site to discover the Children of Atom Shrine. Around the corner you will be confronted by several feral ghouls. Take them out carefully as you contend with your impaired senses. Once the area is clear, enter the marked door into the shrine.

Rad Resist.png Your next objective is to unlock the cache. The terminal here is locked and you must search the surrounding area for a clue to gain access to the carving within the cage.

Rad Resist.png There is a poster of the periodic table of elements on the wall left of the terminal. To the left of the poster you will find text scrawled on the side of the bookshelf. Examine it. Mother is the password. Access the terminal and command it to unlock the security doors. Exit the terminal and the door will open. Inside will be the Mother Icon and a note you can take.

Rad Resist.png Return to the Grand Zealot and speak with him about your experiences. The Mother of the Fog is who he says the shadowy figure was. He offers you entrance into the Children of Atom. If you accept, you will gain access to The Nuclues as well as the item Robes of Atom's Devoted. The quest to help the residents of the Nucleus, What Atom Requires now becomes available.

Notes & Notable Loot

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