Unique Perks in Fallout 4.

Unique Perks Information

Friend of the Cats
Buy for 10% lower and sell for 10% higher with the Atom Cats.
In the Blood
+5 radiation resistance but -5 to maximum health.
The Heavy
Do 10% extra damage to Synths and Institute foes.
Secret Agent
Stealth Boy effects last 10 seconds longer.
Smaller power armor core explosion.
Liam's Algorithm
Improved hacking.
Well Rested
You had a great sleep, and feel alert and invigorated! +10% XP earned.
Lover's Embrace
After spending some quality time with your special someone, you feel completely relaxed and ready for anything! +15% XP earned.
Wired Reflexes
+15 action points.
Prevent Limb Damage
Limb damage is reduced by 100%.
Destroyer of Acadia
Far Harbor DLC When severely damaged you'll receive a massive bonus to your damage output for 30 seconds.
Protector of Acadia
Far Harbor DLC When severely damaged, there's a chance you'll receive a massive but temporary bonus to damage and energy resistance.
Far Harbor Survivalist
Far Harbor DLC Grants a bonus to all damage resistance types.
Crusader of Atom
Far Harbor DLC Grants a bonus to weapon damage. The higher your rads, the greater the bonus.

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