Turn Back the Fog

Quest Giver
Giver's Name
Far Harbor Side Quest
400 XP
Far Harbor
Previous Quest
The Changing Tide
Next Quest
Turn Back the Fog is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Turn Back the Fog Information


  1. Secure Echo Lake Lumber
  2. Return to Small Bertha
  3. Follow Bertha
  4. Speak to Bertha




Rad Resist.png As part of The Changing Tide Small Bertha has asked for your help clearing out an area for some of her close people. Head to Echo Lake Lumber

Rad Resist.png Make your way to the old lumber plant and enter the large building on the premises. Clear out all the ghouls here as well as any roaming around the perimeter of the plant. Once you have cleared the location, an insane individual named Malcom will approach you. Speak with him about sharing the land with the residents of Far Harbor. You may agree to be party to murder for him or you may decline at which point he will become hostile. Once you've dealt with him return to Far Harbor.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Bertha back at Far Harbor. Follow her as she brings the news to Captain Avery. You will have to intervene for her to be heard. Teddy will thank you for your deed and give you some caps. He will tell you to see the folks at Echo Lake, which is now available as a settlement. This will complete the quest. If you head to Echo Lake, you may speak with a Settler who will fill you in on a Fog Crawler nearby, starting the quest Shipbreaker

Notes & Notable Loot

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