Trip to the Stars

Type Nuka-World Quests
Reward XP, Hub's Alien Blaster
Location Various Locations
Previous Quest N.A
Next Quest ?

Trip to the Stars is a DLC Quest in Fallout 4.

Trip to the Stars Information



  1. Follow Cleansed
  2. Talk to Dara
  3. Get 5 spacesuits
  4. Deliever spacesuits to Dara
  5. Talk to Dara
  6. Listen to Dara
  7. Talk to Dara at the junkyard
  8. Clear the junkyard
  9. Talk to Dara after her speech
  10. Use 3 fusion cores to power the spaceship
  11. Install a power distributor
  12. Talk to Dara
  13. Start the ride







Rad Resist.png Players can hear rumors about the Hubologist when walking in the Nuka-Town USA

Rad Resist.png Get to the marker and find Cleansed

Rad Resist.png Follow Cleansed  and talk to Dara

Rad Resist.png All 5 Spacesuits can be obtained in Vault-Tec:Among the Stars

Rad Resist.png Protect the Hubologist on the way to the Nuka-World Junkyard

Rad Resist.png Secure the Nuka-World Junkyard

Rad Resist.png Obtain the power distributor in the Nuka-World Junkyard shed

Rad Resist.png Install all the components, talk to Dara and start the ride


Notes & Notable Loot

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