The Sight

Quest Giver
Mama Murphy
The Minutemen Quest
Previous Quest
Sanctuary (Quest)
Next Quest
Taking Independence
The Sight is a Quest in Fallout 4.

The Sight Information


  1. Bring Jet to Mama Murphy
  2. Build Mama Murphy's chair in Sanctuary
  3. Bring Mentats to Mama Murphy
  4. Bring Med-X to Mama Murphy
  5. Bring Buffout to Mama Murphy
  6. Bring Psycho to Mama Murphy



  • N/A


Rad Resist.png Mama Murphy claims that she receives visions of the future but only while under the influence of chem Consumables, and she also requires 8 hours of rest between chem sessions. She requests you to bring several chems as well as create a chair for her to sit in. To build the chair, access the Workshop in Sanctuary and navigate to Special. Place her chair wherever you'd like to complete the objective. After completing each objective she will reveal a vision, and speaking with her further will trigger her next request. You will have to scavenge the chems, purchase them from Chem-I-Care in Diamond City Market or find Mama's secrect stash in Quincy Ruins.

Rad Resist.png You do have the option to tell her to stop with her addictive habit through a medium Charisma check if you are uncomfortable with playing the role of pusher and also desire to raise the Affinity of Preston Garvery. Donning some high charisma gear before initiating the talk will help improve your chances. If you fail the charisma attempt, she will ask you to give it a rest for a bit, and will have to wait for another opportunity to persuade or threaten her to stop. The rest of the Minutemen settlers prefer her to not use the chems. Successfully persuading her will end the quest and earn you a "Loved That" from Preston.

Notes & Notable Loot

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