The Nuclear Option The Minutemen

Quest Giver
Preston Garvey
The Minutemen Quest
The Institute (Location)
Previous Quest
Defend the Castle
Next Quest
With Our Powers Combined
The Nuclear Option The Minutemen is a Quest in Fallout 4. It is one of 3 variations of The Nuclear Option main quest, along with The Nuclear Option Brotherhood of Steel and The Nuclear Option The Railroad. This quest is available by completing the essential Quests of the Minutemen.

The Nuclear Option The Minutemen Information


  1. Talk to Preston Garvey
  2. Talk to Sturges
  3. Gain access to The Institute
  4. Activate Institute Relay
  5. Talk to Preston Garvey
  6. Reach Institute reactor
  7. Use terminal to override Institute lockdown
  8. (Optional) Issue evacuation order
  9. Reach the reactor
  10. Plant fusion charge inside reactor
  11. Talk to Preston Garvey
  12. Talk to Sturges
  13. Talk to Shaun
  14. Step into the relay
  15. Use the detonator
  16. Talk to Preston Garvey




Rad Resist.png Your affiliation with the Minutemen is reaching a culmination and your next move is to go to The Institute (Location). Speak with Preston Garvey and Sturges who will tell you how to enter the Institute. The data you stole during Inside Job revealed to them the location of an Institute teleporter. Sturges gives you Institute Relay Targeting Sequence to insert into the terminal in the Institute and an Automatic Laser Musket.

Rad Resist.png Travel to the river in Cambridge, east of Greentech Genetics. It is recommended to wear a Hazmat Suit or Power Armor here to negate the radtiation of the river. Dive into the water and swim to the Public Works Maintenance area. Once there activate the keypad.

Rad Resist.png Open the gate and drop through the pipe to access the swer. Locate and follow the white piper with arrows on it through the sewer. Hack the terminal or pick the lock of the door, and head through the hole in the wall. Alternatively, head through the open security door northeast of the first door. Fight your way to the open pipe and go in to access the Institute. Open the hatch to enter.

Rad Resist.png Load the targeting sequence that Sturges gave you into the relay terminal to teleport Preston and some Minutemen in. Speak with Preston to obtain a Fusion Pulse Charge. Head through the robotics area, defeating Synth enemies along the way. Drop through the hatch to enter the BioScience lab, and continue towards the reactor entrance, which at this point has had its blast door activated.

Rad Resist.png Press the button at the central elevator to enter Father's quarters. You will obtain the password to override from him, or you can hack the terminal. Do either, and activate the Master Security Lockdown Override. Preston will ask you to trigger an evac warning to spare lives; it is your choice to comply or not.

Rad Resist.png Go back through Advanced Systems to enter the reactor chamber. If you haven't evacuated the facility, you will encounter synths and scientists. Access the reactor door and then activate the housing.

Rad Resist.png Sturges will teleport you to the Institute Relay Control Room. Speak to Preston, and then Sturges will mention a child nearby. Speak to him and you have 2 options:
  • Agree to save him and look after him, at which point Sturges will look after him until you reunite at Sanctuary or other location you sent Sturges to live.
  • Say the child must stay.

Rad Resist.png Speak into the relay and teleport to the Mass Fusion Building roof where you can press a button to complete your mission. Speak with Preston to conclude your main quest journey.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      On top of Mass Fusion. Watched ending cinematic. Talked to Garvey, but the quest won't register as complete. The market just stays above him and his dialogue loops.

      • Anonymous

        I didnt read the spoilers in this, but theres a problem with this mission. Every time I go the marker (which is not where you described) the game crashes. It never tells me how close I am to it, but I can see with the map the I am less than 50m away. If I get any closer the game closes itself.

        • Anonymous

          After starting this quest, >>>do not enter the institute in power armor<<<. it can turn NPCs hostile for no reason, skip over quest stages or bug the whole thing so you end up in the institute alone with no objectives and no way out.

          • Anonymous

            After i teleported sturges and preston and some minute men into the institute preston wont talk to me, cant travel, im stuck, can somebody help me?

            • Anonymous

              When going through the mission, after getting to the main plaza in the institute and killing all the synths, the game won't let me get into the elevator, anyone have a solution?

              • Anonymous

                When I enter the public works and go to the keypad I am unable to activate it, there is no activation noise and the sewer gate to proceed is still closed... I play on ps4 so there is no way for me to tcl through... Any suggestions cheers!

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