The Arrival

Quest Giver
Far Harbor Side Quest
508 XP
Far Harbor
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The Arrival is a Quest in Fallout 4.

The Arrival Information


  1. Talk to Brooks
  2. Find the missing Synth
  3. Follow the Trail of Blood
  4. Investigate the House
  5. Return to Chase




Rad Resist.png Speak with Chase after meeting with DiMA. She will ask you to assist her with a situation with a synth who has not shown up yet and will send you to Brooks at Far Harbor. Return there and speak with Brooks about the synth. He directs you to head south.

Rad Resist.png Head to the map marker which will lead to an abandoned shack along the side of the road. Inside will be a blood stain on the ground. Examine it to begin following the trail of blood as it leads into the fog. Step outside and follow the markers from blood spot to blood spot. It will eventually lead you to a house.

Rad Resist.png Step inside the house to speak with a Trapper. You will discover the tenants of this building are cannibals with no intention to give up their lifestyle. You may attempt to speak your way out of this via a skill check. If that fails, gun violence will ensue. Take out the residents here and loot the corpse of the Trapper you spoke with to find the missing Synth's head, thus solving the mystery. Return to Chase in Acadia to bring her the bad news. On the bright side she'll offer 200 caps for your efforts as well as a new weapon.

Notes & Notable Loot

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