Tesla Science Magazine

Perk Book
Tesla Science Magazine is a Perk Book in Fallout 4.

Tesla Science Magazine Information

Effects Per Issue

  1. Energy weapons inflict +5% critical damage.

Where to Find/Location

  • ArcJet Systems: In the CEO's office on the second floor
  • Mahkra Fishpacking: On a small table in the northeast corner of the filleting room on the lowest floor.
  • Reeb Marina: On the wooden bench in the kitchen of the warehouse
  • Rocky cave: On a broken fridge In Virgil's Laboratory on the left of Virgil's terminal.
  • Poseidon Energy: On the metal desk in the central metal catwalk hut.
  • HalluciGen, Inc.: On the first floor of the northeast corner of Weaponization Research lab.
  • Mass Fusion building: On the computer bank in the upper offices above the glass floor
  • General Atomics factory: On a metal desk against the east wall in the upper floor office.
  • University Point: On a small table in the northeast corner of the top floor computer room.

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