A Terminal in Fallout 4 is a computer that serves several different functions. Some terminals control access to doors and rooms, some control defense networks or manage vital systems, and others serves as logs. Holotapes can be inserted into them to load or remove data and other functionality. Some terminals are open for acess, others require passwords or must be hacked.

Hacking a Terminal

  • The Hacker Perk allows you to hack progressively more difficult terminals, from advanced, to expert to master. At it's final rank, it prevents the lockout penalty.
  • When attempting to access a locked terminal, you may opt to hack it through a password decrypt puzzle challenge.
  • During the hack minigame, you are trying to determine which of the 4 letter words is the correct password. If you choose an incorrect word, the terminal will tell you how many of the correct letters in the correct place you have. Through process of elimination you should be able to determine the correct word.
  • You have 4 attempts at discerning the password, at which point you will be locked out of the terminal (along with other possible detrimental results).
  • You may select a mixed group of letters included in brackets such as [], {}, <>, or () which will remove one of your incorrect answers or give you a new set of guesses.
  • Exiting the terminal resets the entire sequence including your amount of guesses, so it is a viable last option if you are on your last guess and cannot figure out the correct answer. You will have to start over again, but will gain your 4 guesses back.

Total Hack Perk Magazine

  • The Total Hack magazine allows you to apply your hacking skills to gain access to Protectrons, spotlights and turrets.

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