Taken For A Ride

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Quest Giver
Nuka-World Quests
XP, Thirst Zapper
Nuka-World Transit Center, Nuka-Station
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Taken For A Ride is a DLC Quest in Fallout 4.

Taken For A Ride Information


  1. Survive the Gauntlet
  2. Enter the Locker Room
  3. Use the Inercom
  4. Find the Weapon
  5. Use the intercom to speak to Gage
  6. Enter the Cola-Cars Arena
  7. Defeat Overboss Colter
  8. Speak to Gage




Rad Resist.png There are numerous traps on the way. Be careful when walking arround
Rad Resist.png Picking the Master lock door can avoid a bunch of traps
Rad Resist.png For the three doors, the right one triggers a trap, the middle one is a dead end, the left one leads to the right way
Rad Resist.png There is a heavy radiated zone behind the door
Rad Resist.png Beware of mines and car explosion in the tunnel
Rad Resist.png Player can hack the terminal and unlock the door in the toxic gas room
Rad Resist.png Note Expert Lockpicking is required

Notes & Notable Loot

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