Below is a list of locations where you can find T-51 Power Armor set or parts in Fallout 4. Note: Your character level affects your chances of finding parts of this armor. Generally you are more likely to find these at Level 15+ * Full Set -- By a Crashed Vertibird located near the wreckage at the edge of the Elevated Freeway. The freeway is to the east of Graygarden and can be accessed via an elevator.

* Full Set -- In a locked cage near the Old North Church. It is next to a bunch of containers. You will need to hack the terminal to unlock the cage. > T-51_power_armor_old-north-church.jpg 

*In Big Johns Salvage -- left leg, right leg, torso and helmet can be found.

* To the east of Pickman Gallery on a dock that has tanks on it. Behind is a cast iron locked cage with a full set of T-51. Must be level 15+ to access.

(Full set) ====Levelled spots:==== What Power Armor you find at these locations depends on your Level: * In a small secured area at the back of South Boston Military Checkpoint. A terminal (expert) needs to be hacked to have access.

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