Silver Shroud Armor

Damage Resist
Phys Resist.png 85 energy_damage.png 85 Rad Resist.png 0
Silver Shroud Armor is an Unique Armor in Fallout 4. Such Unique items can be found, purchased from Vendors, or must be earned by completing quests or defeating specific enemies.

Silver Shroud Armor Information

Additional Effects

Where to Find/Location

Mod Slots

  • None

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    • Anonymous

      I have no idea were i lost it at but i cant fin the silver shroud hat is there a way to get it back on the ps4

      • Anonymous

        42 ballistic 42 energy reduces damage from humans by 15% +1 agl +1 per 7 weight 600 value. Sidenote at least for me the quest glitched but was most likely due to me not having the armor on when i killed the guy for the quest without having it on. It will not let me drop it its a decent set but i have a better one.

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