Quest Giver
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Far Harbor Side Quest
267 XP
Far Harbor
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Turn Back the Fog
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Shipbreaker is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Shipbreaker Information


  1. (Optional) Talk to Old Longfellow
  2. Track Shipbreaker
  3. Tune to Shipbreaker's Radio Frequency
  4. Talk to Old Longfellow




Rad Resist.png After speaking with a settler at Echo Lake Lumber once you've made it safe during Turn Back the Fog you will be tipped off to a Fog Crawler nearby named Shipbreaker. Speak with Old Longfellow about it to learn more.

Rad Resist.png Head to the area marked on the map and you will be notified of a found radio signal. Tune to the frequency and use the signal strength % to get closer. She'll be found somewhere near Atom's Spring. Bringing Longfellow along for this adds some dialogue. She's a tough fight and will mutate, so be prepared to keep your distance. Stealth and sneak attacks at range can help. Once she's downed speak to Longfellow to complete the quest. He will give you Skipper's Last Stand as a reward.

Notes & Notable Loot

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