Safari Adventure

Type Nuka-World Quests
Reward XP
Location Safari Adventure
Previous Quest N.A
Next Quest ?

Safari Adventure is a DLC Quest in Fallout 4.

Safari Adventure Information



  1. Investigate the source of the Gatorclaw infestation
  2. Follow Cito
  3. Listen to Dr. MocDermot's Holotape
  4. Talk to Cito
  5. Enter big triangle house
  6. Search big triangle house for a way into the cloning facility
  7. Investigate door terminal
  8. See if Cito knows anything about the Angry Anaconda
  9. Go to the Giant Metal Snake
  10. Search around the giant metal snake for Doctor Heim's Passcode
  11. Gain entry into the cloning facility
  12. Deactivate the manifunctioning cloning machine
  13. Clear Safari Adventure of remaining Gatorclaws
  14. Deal with CIto and his family
  15. Assign a Gang to Safari Adventure








Rad Resist.png Players will automatically receive the quest upon entering Safari Adventure


Notes & Notable Loot

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