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Reformation is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Reformation Information


  1. Recover Martin's Holotapes
  2. Give Martin's Tapes to DiMA
  3. Convince the High Confessor to meet with you
  4. Play Martin's New Age for the Confessor
  5. Head to the meeting location
  6. Deal with the High Confessor
  7. Deal with the High Confessor's guards
  8. Return to DiMA




Rad Resist.png This quest is only available if you have confronted DiMA about his memories during The Way Life Should Be and have agreed to keep his secrets. He will ask you to recover some holotapes while begins getting started with plans for the successor to the High Confessor. He believes this is the best chance for peace amongst the 3 societies on The Island. He will give you the worn key and send you on your way.

Rad Resist.png Make for the marked location of Martin's holotapes, just west of the Atom's Spring location on the western side of The Island. You will come to a wrecked truck off the road whose trailer is partially in the water. There will be a large drainage pipe feeding into the water nearby. Mind the radiation from the water. As you enter the pipe a feral ghoul will rise up, dispatch it and use the worn key to unlock the door. Make sure you have radiation protection as the following room is a bit fluorescent.

Rad Resist.png There are 2 holotapes here, one on the shabby plank desk, and the other at the foot of the makeshift bed. Take and play them to listen to the exchange between Martin and DiMA. You are privy to a compelling exchange as the 2 leaders discuss the fate of the island.

Rad Resist.png Return to Acadia and give the tapes to DiMA. He will tell you that it is time to begin the next phase and you will do well to earn the Confessor's trust. You may opt to go ahead with the plan or perform some side quests for the Children of Atom to earn some trust. When ready speak to DiMA and he will give you the tape, and send you on your way to deceive the Confessor.

Rad Resist.png Make for The Nucleus and speak with the Confessor in the sub. Play Martin's tape for him. He will agree to meet you in the designated meeting spot in the command center tunnels. Head to the rear of the Nucleus and take the stairs all the way up. Enter the command center. Head to the room on the right and open the door, which opens to a tunnel. Take the tunnel down and open the security gate. Go left through the door and into the next room. Approach the wall which will trigger the Confessor's arrival.

Rad Resist.png Speak with him now, and depending on the circumstances he may be suspicious and brought guards. You can opt to kill him or attempt to persuade him to leave peacefully. Once the situation is resolved, report to DiMA. You will find him speaking to Tektus, with the 2 seemingly reconciled. Speak to DiMA for his thoughts and a reward as well as the Protector of Acadia perk, when severely damaged, there's a chance you'll receive a massive but temporary bonus to damage and energy resistance. DiMA will tell you to go see the Confessor in the Nucleus which will appear as a misc objective and he will give you Atom's Bulwark. This will complete the quest as well as Best Left Forgotten. Resolving matters will also open the Close to Home quest.

Rad Resist.png Upon returning to Far Harbor for a visit, Captain Avery will call the town around to deliver the news of peace. She will then approach you and thank you for your efforts and give you 1600 caps. All is well on the The Island again. You may continue to take on any sidequests for the various towns.

Notes & Notable Loot

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