Pull the Plug

Quest Giver
Sully Mathis
Side Quest?
75 Caps
+230 XP
Thicket Excavations
Pull the Plug is an Quest in Fallout 4.

Pull the Plug Information


  1. Talk to Sully Mathis to begin quest
  2. Fix the pipe leaks in the lake x3
  3. Start the pump
  4. Slay the Mirelurk and speak to Sully


Rad Resist.png Talk to Sully Mathis to begin quest. He can be found at the lake in Thicket Excavations.
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Rad Resist.png You may be able to persuade him for a greater reward depending on your Charisma.

Rad Resist.png The broken pipes are found where there are bubbles of the surface of the lake. (The water is irradiated and will cause +3 Rads per second)
    • Click on the image below for guidance
    • Pull_The_Plug_2.jpg

Rad Resist.png You can enter/leave the lake either via the steps (Northwest corner) or the elevator (Just North of where Sully is working).

Rad Resist.png The pipes are fixed by activating a valve at the end of the pipes. These are not too deep. Just trace the bubbles downwards to find them. (Turning on the flashlight on your Pip-Boy helps see underwater).
    • Pull_The_Plug_4.jpg

Rad Resist.png After doing that, return to Sully and activate the Pump. As soon as you do that, prepare for a fight with two Mirelurk. (Note: The Mirelurk can kill Sully. If he dies, you cannot complete the quest)
    • Pull_The_Plug_5.jpg

Rad Resist.png After defeating the Mirelurk, speak with Sully again to receive your reward and complete the quest.
    • Pull_The_Plug_6.jpg


  • Having the perk Aquaboy helps alot with breathing underwater.
  • After completing the quest, you can leave the area, wait a day and return to find the water is drained, giving you access to more items.

Video Walkthrough

Pull the Plug Walkthrough

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