Plugging a Leak

Quest Giver
Justin Ayo
The Institute Misc. Quest
The Institute (Location)
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Plugging a Leak is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Plugging a Leak Information


  1. Investigate the robotics terminals
  2. Investigate Binet's quarters
  3. Investigate the SRB terminals
  4. Investigate the maintenance terminal
  5. Confront Liam Binet
  6. Report your findings to Justin Ayo
  7. Disable the safeguards on Justin Ayo's terminal
  8. Return to Liam Binet



  • N/A


Rad Resist.png NOTE: This becomes available after allying yourself with The Institute and completing The Institute Essential Quest Mankind Redefined. It will not be available if you have already completed The Railroad quest Tradecraft. Speak to Justin Ayo in SRB at The Institute (Location and he will tell you he suspects that Dr. Binet is helping Synths escape. Go to the robotics lab and access a Terminal there.

Rad Resist.png Go to the Binet's room and speak to his son Liam Binet and Liam's mother. You can:
  • Access the terminal here to find the logs.
  • Try a hard Charisma check here and hope that Liam spills the beans.
  • Access a terminal at SRB and find a clue pointing you to maintenance. Eve Binet is quite upset at you for doing this. Resolve this either with words or with fighting. Such is the Wasteland way. You may opt to check the terminal in the maintenance room aftewards.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Liam about his misdeeds and he will come clean and ask you to help him frame Ayo. You may:
  • Ignore that noise and tell Ayo for a caps reward.
  • Agree to frame Ayo. You may attempt a medium Charisma check to agree in exchange for a gift.

Rad Resist.png If you opt to frame him, go to Ayo's quarters and access his terminal. Disable the security and speak to Liam to earn some caps and Liam's Glasses

Notes & Notable Loot

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