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Pinned is a Quest in Fallout 4.

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  1. Speak with Father
  2. Reach the house
  3. Speak to Minutemen contact
  4. Eliminate the opposition
  5. Speak to Enrico Thompson
  6. Speak to Wallace



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Rad Resist.png After securing the agitator, the Institute proceeds with its plans to power the reactor but a scientist named Wallace has gone missing. Leave the Institute and head west to Graygarden and arrive at a home next to the hyrdoponic garden. Depending on what has happened in the past, the following will occur:
  • If you have not dealt with the Minutemen you will have to eliminate some Gunners before saving Wallace.
  • If you have dealt with the Minutemen you will find several of them preparing to attack the house. You can agree to their plans to attack which makes the Institute an enemy. Killing any Institute forces initiates the Institute quest Banished. You can persuade the Minutemen against this course of action, and issue it as an official order.

Rad Resist.png Once inside the home, speak to Enrico Thompson who will inform you that Wallace has holed up behind a barricaded door. Speak to him and persuade him to help, either through calm or threatening tones.

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Notes & Notable Loot

  • Mutfruit is growing at Graygarden and can be tasted. Helping the robots here can add a robot settlement to a Minutemen related settlement.

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    • Anonymous

      if anybody has the quest id for this mission it's be amazing, back story: the quest before this one (mass fusion) kept bugging out for me meaning i couldn't do it so i used the completequest command and now cant get the next one (this one) to start

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