Order Up

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100 Caps
Drumlin Diner
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Order Up is an Quest in Fallout 4.

Order Up Information


  1. Talk to Trudy
  2. Talk to Wolfgang


Rad Resist.png You come across this quest when approaching Drumlin Diner. Two chem pushers are standing outside the diner demanding payment for drugs from someone inside. Speak to all the parties and you are given several options for a resolution. You may opt to take sides, or arrive at a diplomatic resolution. It is possible to avoid violence in this case. Be mindful of the Companion you have with you, if any, as some of your choices here will affect their Affinity. If you manage to resolve things and keep the diner folks alive you may return here and access Trudy as a vendor.

Video Walkthrough

Order Up Walkthrough


  • Curie will not like it if you threaten Wolfgang before talking to Trudy
  • Cait will love it if you threaten Wolfgang before talking to Trudy

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