Long Time Coming

Quest Giver
Nick Valentine
Side Quest
Diamond City
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Long Time Coming is a Quest in Fallout 4. It is one of the Detective Case Files you can acquire at the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City after raising Nick Valentine's Affinity to admiration level and speaking with Ellie and Nick.

Long Time Coming Information


  1. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  2. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  3. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  4. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  5. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  6. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  7. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  8. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  9. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  10. Find Eddie Winter's Holotape
  11. Talk to Nick Valentine
  12. Travel to Eddie's Hideout
  13. Confront Eddie Winter
  14. Follow Nick




Rad Resist.png NOTE In addtion to the above affinity considerations you need to have completed the main Quest Dangerous Minds before this quest becomes available. Nick will ask you to find 10 Holotapes scattered across the area that belonged to Eddie Winter, a bad guy from the pre-war days who irradiated himself and voluntarily became a ghoul in an attempt to live forever. This case was the last one the "human" Nick was investigating and the current Nick wants to finish the case as a testament to the man who gave him his personality.He suggests you investigate terminals at police stations for clues as to where the holotapes are. Nick hands you the Welcome Home! note as well as Eddie Winter Case Notes and Eddie Winter Holotape 1.

Rad Resist.png The locations of the tapes are as follows:

Rad Resist.png Upon retrieving all of the tapes, bring them to Nick and he will used them to figure out the code to gain access to Eddie's bunker. Go to Andrew Station and kill the raiders in the area and head into the subway and sewer until you find a keypad on a door. Enter the code and go in and kill Eddie. You can loot his corpse for Eddie's Peace.

Rad Resist.png Leave the area up the ladder and into the coffee shop, and speak to Nick once he has found what he's looking for. If you continue to develop your relationship with Nick at this point, you will then unlock his Close to Metal Perk. This puts an end to the cold case files work!

Video Walkthrough

Long Time Coming Walkthrough Part 1 (Tapes 0, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 9)

Notes & Notable Loot

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