Fallout 4 Map is an Interactive Map Checklist with everything in the game. Find and track all Items, Weapons, Armor, and Collectibles in the game with the help of our Interactive Map. The Fallout 4 Interactive Map is regularly updated with detailed information for all Quests, Equipment, Locations, and other Points of Interests. Everything you need to find in the Commonwealth, Far Harbor and Nuka-World can be found on this Interactive Fallout 4 Interactive Map


Fallout 4 Map Interactive Checklist


Fallout 4 Interactive Map Introduction

Welcome to the Wasteland, as you traverse through the desolate landscapes, ruins and sprawling settlementes of this world, you'll encounter both danger and discovery. This guide serves as your starting point in your adventure set in this post-apocalyptic world, that includes over 800 locations filled with various items, quests and.points of interest that players can explore and interact with.

The map is divided into different zones, each with its own unique locations and features. Including unmarked locations, which are places not officially named or marked on the map but contain loot or are otherwise of interest.

Fallout 4 Interactive Map is a comprehensive tool that helps players navigate the vast world of Fallout 4, discover new locations, and keep track of their progress.

Fallout 4 Map Checklist

Vip members will be able to see their completion rates and keep track of all items per category by marking them on the map. This feature is the best option for players that want to keep track of their progress while exploring the Wasteland.

fallout 4 map interactive checklist


All Content Available in Fallout 4 Map

With this powerwful tool, you will be able to navigate the Wasteland with ease, uncovering powerful loot, solving puzzles, and facing powerful challenges. Explore the multiple regions, buildings, ruins, towns, cities, abandoned sites, shipwrecks, and hidden locations.

All Fallout 4 Map Collectibles

Lore related items lie hidden within its vast expanse, waiting for that explorer that is willing to search beyond mere survival needs. Among these coveted collectibles are Holotapes, Bobbleheads and Magazines, each carrying unique stories and also benefits, in form of perks, that enrich your adventure.

Holotapes serve as gateways into lore-packed narratives penned by the voices of both famous figures from our world's history and original characters born within this post-apocalyptic universe. Collecting them unveils the intricate layers of stories that shape the world you navigate, each offering valuable quests or rare items upon playback at a terminal in your settlement.

Bobbleheads are more than just collectible novelties; they represent personal achievements and tributes to characters who have left their mark on the Commonwealth. Whether it's capturing one of the game's iconic creatures or completing a particularly challeging quest, these figurines act as mementos of your exploits, some even providing permanent passive effects once discovered.

Perk Magazines offer glimpses into various aspects of the life in the Wasteland. They can be found scattered across the map and, like holotapes, contribute to a deeper understanding of the world when perused in settlement libraries.

Diversity of Locations and Points of Interest in Fallout 4

The Commonwealth’s diversity lies not only in its physical landscapes but also in the factions vying for control: from the Institute and the Railroad to the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen. Urban areas, Outlying Farmlands and Settlements and Unique Locations such as the Shipwreck of the USS Riptide, and other places to discover.

Each locations offers unique ooportunities for exploration, combat and scavenging, while also contributing to the rich lore and story of Fallout 4. Whether it's a bustling city, a quiet farm, or a dangerous, monster infested ruin, there's always something new to discover in the wasteland of Fallout 4.

Powerful and Unique Loot on the Fallout 4 Map

The thrill of discovery is amplified by the prospect of dingin powerful loot. Hidden withing the vast expanse of the map are Weapons, Armor, and Items that can significantly enhance your gameplay. From legendary weapons dropped by great enemies, to unique gear locked in advanced safe located in secret locations, as the wasteland is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Generally the more dangerous the location, the better the loot. So don't hesitate to venture into the unknown.


How to use the Baldur's Gate 3 Interactive Map

  • The search bar matches partial words so you can try to put "weapon" or "quest" and see what comes up.
  • You can filter by category using the checkmark layers on the right side of the map.
  • Please see our Walkthrough and Game Progress Route to figure out where to go!
  • VIP USERS: PROGRESS TRACKER: Now live for ALL DEVICES! Click on any item and "mark as complete" to save your progress to your account and view it on ANY of your logged in devices.
  • VIP USERS: Progress Reset, Multiple Character Slots and PERSONAL CHECKLIST now available! Use the links to select slots and reach your checklist. We will add "mark as complete" from the checklist soon.
  • VIP USERS: SIDEBAR REMOVAL. If you're on a laptop or your resolution is under 1500px, the sidebar will disappear. You can also use this feature on a large desktop if you simply make your tab a bit smaller and reload. You can then full screen your tab without sidebar and without having to enter "full screen"
  • VIP USERS: You can put the map FULL SCREEN by clicking the expand screen icon (desktop and android only):




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