Home Sweet Home

Type Nuka-World Quests
Reward XP
Location Various Locations
Previous Quest N.A
Next Quest ?

Home Sweet Home is a DLC Quest in Fallout 4.

Home Sweet Home Information



  1. Talk to Shank
  2. Claim an Outpost for your Gang
  3. Check in with your Crew
  4. Talk to Shank
  5. Force a Settlement to Supply your Gang
  6. Discuss Problems at the Raider Settlement
  7. Talk to Shank
  8. Check in with your Gang at the Raider Settlement
  9. Defend the Raider Settlement
  10. Talk to Shank
  11. (Optional) Speak to Shank to Run New Jobs
  12. Make your Raider Outpost Happy
  13. Talk to Shank
  14. Establish Raider Outposts





  • ?



Rad Resist.png ?


Notes & Notable Loot

  • Placing the gang flag at the players' settlements will instantly make Preston Garvey hostile.

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