Here There Be Monsters

Quest Giver
Donny Kowalski
Side Quest
Dock Behind The Shamrock Taphouse
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Here There Be Monsters is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Here There Be Monsters Information


  1. Find the sea monster
  2. Investigate the submarine
  3. Talk to Captain Zao
  4. Get the dampening rods
  5. Talk to Captain Zao
  6. Get the warhead
  7. Talk to Captain Zao
  8. Install dampening rods
  9. Install warhead
  10. Talk to Zao




Rad Resist.png Travel to the Boston Harbor section of the city, next to the Harbormaster Hotel and Shamrock Taphouse. Speak to Donny Kowalski about a creature he saw swimming in the water. Swim to the trash barge and enter the hatch.

Rad Resist.png Once inside speak with Captain Zao and agree to help him with the problem. He will ask you to obtain a Dampening Coil from the Saugus Ironworks for his repairs. You will have to fight through a Raider group who use fire weapons. Deal with Slag and Jake Finch as you see fit and activate the rod sleeve to grab the coil. Exit the location and travel back to the ship.

Rad Resist.png Access the terminal to open the in order to complete Zao's request, getting past to the more feral remnants of the crew. Continue until you see the missile and scavenge the Warhead from it.

Rad Resist.png Go to the reactor core and activate it, then install the dampening coil, followed by the warhead. Zao rewards you with Pre-War Money 4x and a Homing Beacon which can be used to call in a missile fired from the sub to aid you during outside combat!

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      quest giver28 Aug 2016 12:17  

      This quest is received by Donny Kowalski, South East of the Shamrock Taphouse. He lives on a dock by the shore

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