Helmeted Spike Armor

Damage Resist
Phys Resist.png 13 energy_damage.png 15 Rad Resist.png 0
Helmeted Spike Armor in Fallout 4 is a type of Outfit. These count as both clothing and body armor. Most will take up all armor slots, but some will allow additional armor.

Helmeted Spike Armor Information

Additional Effects

  • None

Where to Find/Location

  • Can be looted off of Slab at really low levels ( i.e. 1-10. ) He is located at Pickman's Gallery just a few clicks West of the Old Church.
If he doesn't have it on then reload or save in the room
where the last turret is that you come across leading up
to the point where Slab corners Pickman and reload
until he is wearing the Helmeted Spike Armor.

Mod Slots

  • None

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