Handmade Rifle Grips and Stocks

Mod gun_nut-icon.png Info Acc Wgt. Mats
Handmade Rifle Wooden Pistol Grip None Standard. ? ? Adhesive 2x, Screw 7x, Steel 6x
Handmade Rifle Improved Pistol Grip None Improved recoil. ? ? Adhesive 3x, Fiberglass 6x Screw 7x, Steel 2x
Handmade Rifle Shovel Stock Better recoil. ? ? Adhesive 4x,  Screw 8x, Steel 8x
Handmade Rifle Marksman's Stock Superior recoil. ?? ?? Adhesive 6x, Aluminum 8x, Rubber 2x, Screw 10x, Spring 5x
Handmade Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock Exceptional recoil. ?? ?? Adhesive 6x, Aluminum 9x, Rubber 3x, Screw 12x, Spring 8x

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