From Within

Quest Giver
Elder Maxson
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
The Institute (Location)
Previous Quest
Show No Mercy
Next Quest
Outside the Wire
From Within is a Quest in Fallout 4.

From Within Information


  1. Locate Doctor Li
  2. Speak to Doctor Li
  3. Retrieve evidence to convince Doctor Li
  4. Bring the Holotape to Doctor Li
  5. Report to Elder Maxson




Rad Resist.png NOTE: This quest runs along with the main quest Institutionalized and the Brotherhood quest Outside the Wire. There are several decisions made at this juncture that have far reaching impact. Proceed with care.

Rad Resist.png Buildiing off of the events from the main story quest, Elder Maxson will ask you to contact Doctor Li and inform her that you are sent to retrieve her. You can use a Charisma dialogue check to convince her to come. Otherwise you will have to find evidence related to Virgil's disappearance. You have to access his lab within the BioSciences section of The Institute (Location). You can gain entry through the terminal near the laser gate, or by unlocking the door. Get past the lab's defenses to locate Brian Virgil Personal Log 0176.

Rad Resist.png Bring the holotape back to Doctor Li and continue the steps in the main quest Institutionalized. Upon completion, speak to Elder Maxson at The Prydwen.

Notes & Notable Loot

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