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Far From Home is a Quest in Fallout 4. This quest is the beginning quest of the Far Harbor DLC. The only prerequisite for accessing this quest is you must have completed Getting a Clue, thus making Nick Valentine and his detective agency in Diamond City available.

Far From Home Information


  1. Listen to Valentine's Detective Agency Radio
  2. Talk to Ellie
  3. Travel to the Nakano Residence
  4. Speak to Kenji
  5. Investigate the Nakano Residence
  6. Question Kenji and Rei further (Optional)
  7. Investigate the Boathouse
  8. Listen to Kasumi's Final Holotape
  9. Talk to Kenji Nakano
  10. Travel to Far Harbor
  11. Misc Objective: Tell the Railroad about the Synth Refuge




Rad Resist.png Travel to the Valentine Detective agency and speak to Ellie about a missing persons case involving a man named Kenji Nakano. Travel to the Nakano Residence on the northeast corner of the map. Upon approaching the house, you can stop to visit the gravestone of Taichi Nakano, and Kasumi's Holotape to Grandad to gather some info.

Rad Resist.png Kenji and Rei will be found arguing in the house. Speak to Kenji to discover that his daughter has gone missing. Head upstairs to find 3 holotapes, one on the table in the hall, one under the bed in the work room and one on top of the desk in the workroom. Speak to her parents where you can try a Charisma check to discover more about the tensions in the house. You will receive a tip to check out the boathouse where her grandfather used to spend time.

Rad Resist.png Head to the Boathouse nearby and examine the lighthouse picture frame. Search it to find the Boathouse Safe Key. Find the safe at the back of the boathouse and unlock it to find Kasumi's Final Holotape. Listen to it to learn that synths have started a colony up north called Far Harbor and that Kasumi has resolved to find them. A misc. objective will appear to inform the Railroad of the Synth Refuge. If you return to Railroad HQ you can speak to Boxer about the Synth refuge. She will ask you to keep an eye out for any info.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Kenji and inform him of his daughter's situation. He will offer you his boat to track her down and give you 300 caps for your troubles. Head outside to the boat and activate the boat controls in the front of the boat. You will be transported to Far Harbor and upon arriving at the docks will begin the next quest Walk in the Park.

Notes & Notable Loot

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