Easy City Downs is a Location in Fallout 4. easy city downs

Easy City Downs Information

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  • A robot racing track populated by Raiders and Triggerman thugs in the Northeast Commonwealth.
  • The robots are considered part of the hostiles if you're trying to clear out the location.
  • You can take control of the operations here by using Ernie's password to access the terminal in his office. You may initiate a new race, activating 3 reserve robots, change their route parameters or have them self destruct.
  • Contains a Chemistry Station and Weapons Workbench


Clearing Walkthrough (Mayhem!)

Going in by a front assault is a suicide, instead, enter sneak mode, and enter the area by the front gate. The first workshop at your left is where you must go. Once you're in, there should be a typewriter-terminal near a Protectron. Its security is novice, so you can hack this with no points in the perk Hacker. Once you're in the terminal, go to targeting parameters (if I recall correctly) then select override. You're not done yet! Select racing route then select enable camp defense. You may also enable reserve robots. After all that, exit the terminal and... watch the fireworks.




Locks and Terminals

  • Earger Ernie's Terminal (requires password from Eager Ernie




(Coordinates on Map)
northeast commonwealth

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