Diamond City Blues

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Paul Pembroke
Side Quest
Diamond City
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Diamond City Blues is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Diamond City Blues Information


  1. Intimidate Henry Cooke
  2. Help Paul Pembroke intimidate Henry Cooke
  3. Talk to Henry Cooke
  4. OR Kill Henry Cooke
  5. Report back to Paul Pembroke
  6. Search Cooke's body and read his note
  7. Ambush Nelso Latimer's chem deal
  8. Interrogate Trish
  9. OR Kill Trish
  10. Search Trish and read her note
  11. Divide the spoils
  12. Gain access to Marowski's chems lab




Rad Resist.png NOTE: This quest has several different branching paths depending on the decisions you make, consult the different sections below for more information. Enter the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City and witness an altercation between Paul Pembroke and Darcy Pembroke as well as Henry Cooke the bartender. After Paul leaves, speak with Darcy or Henry. Go outside and speak to Paul who will ask you to help him scare Henry. You may agree to go with him or tell him you'll go alone. The next time you go into the bar, another confrontation will happen between them. NOTE: Leaving Dimaond City completely before returning will result in Cooke killing Paul before you come back.

Rad Resist.png If you decide to do the request alone, go to the bar and speak to Cooke. You can try to resolve things peacefully or let things devolve to violence.

Rad Resist.png If you go with Paul, you can encourage him to resolve things peacefully or add fuel to his fire. If you manage to resolve things peacefully, Cooke will tell you about a chems deal.

Rad Resist.png If you have to use violence, search Cooke afterwards to discover a deal for chems with Nelson Latimer. There is a promise of reward for thwarting Latimer.

Rad Resist.png Follow the lead to the spot of the deal, west of Back Street Apparel along the river. Interrupt the meeting and bring a judgement of bulllets upon the gangsters. After the reckoning, speak with the survivor named Trish. You may do one of the following:
  • Let her live, and learn the location of a secret chem lab.
  • Eliminate her, and search her body for a note with the chem lab location.
  • Promise to let her go and obtain Four Leaf Security Password for the terminal at the chem lab which makes the journey easier.
She will attempt to flee after the conversation. If Cooke is with you, he'll go after. You may choose to do the same if you're alone.

Rad Resist.png Paul, if around, will tell you he's skipping town to avoid retribution from the gangster Marowski. Paul if around will ask to split the loot 50/50. You can negotiate for different terms, bribe him or fight him depending on your wants. If Paul is alive, and wasn't present at the deal you can let him know what came of Cooke.

Rad Resist.png Travel to the south Boston portion to the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant Rather than enter, climb the walkway outside until you get to the roof, eliminating any hostiles along the way. Access the wall terminal here to:
  • Shut down the tripwires in the correct sequence using the note from Trish.
  • Master hack the terminal.
  • Use the password you obtained from Trish.

Rad Resist.png Enter the chem lab and take out the workers. Loot the impressive inventory of chems here for your hopped up adventures.

Rad Resist.png 24 hours after eliminating Nelson Latimer his father Malcom Latimer hears about the deal gone bad. You can find him near the taphouse in Dimaond City. If you ignore him, eventually it will turn the town hostile towards you. Speak to him to resolve the situation. You can opt to agree to one of the following:
  • Kill Marowski after telling Malcolm he is responsible for Nelson's death.
  • Kill Paul by blaming him.
  • Leave things as is, at which point Latimer's henchmen will assault you.
  • Make Malcolm angry to the point that only bribery or killing him are your options.
  • Convince him that you arent the killer (high carisma required) and after he asks you if you know who the killer is, just say you dont know and he leaves you alone.

Rad Resist.png If you resolved things pragmatically, go and eliminate your target. If you choose to kill Marowski this will clear the Marowski Situation and allow you to claim a reward. If you choose to kill Paul, continue with the steps below.

The Marowski Situation

Rad Resist.png If you let a survivor flee during the initial deal ambush, in 24 hours Marowski sends word to speak to him at the Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor. His henchmen will continue to harass you until you go see him. Go there and speak to Marowski and he will ask for a 2000 cap payment for mucking up his operation. You may:
  • Negotiate a smaller fee of 1000 caps.
  • Pay the 2000 caps.
  • Ask for a week to raise the caps, at which point his thugs will rough you up until you pay.
  • Show him a photo obtained during The Darcy Situation which will trigger another step called Marowski's Mercenary.

The Colette Situation

Rad Resist.png If Cooke dies at some point during this quest, then speak to his daughter Colette in the Dugout Inn a week after finishing the quest. You can do one of the following:
  • Confess to killing Cooke and end things peacefully or kill her.
  • Tell her Cooke died or split town and end it peacefully or with violence.
  • Claim ignorance, at which point she leaves you be but begins her own investigation.

Rad Resist.png If Paul is still alive here he speaks to you about being discovered. You can try to calm him down, allow him to kill Colette himself or consent to killing her yourself.

Rad Resist.png After another week has passed you can speak to Colette to update the quest. One of the following will now happen:
  • If you split the deal 70/30 with Paul or kept it all, Paul will rat you out to her, and she will be hostile.
  • If she was suspicious in the first place she will think you killed her father.
You may react in a few different ways:
  • Resort to fighting her right away.
  • Confess to killing him which triggers a fight or her leaving town.
  • Tell the truth if you didn't kill him and she leaves town.
  • Finger Paul as the killer and she leaves town.
If she leaves town while still suspectiing you, she may wind up at one of your Settlements at some point in the future at which point you have to fight her. If she leaves suspicious of Paul, she will kill Paul at some point and you will find out from Darcy.

The Darcy Situation

Rad Resist.png Within 72 hours of completing the quest, provided you were not rude to Darcy Pembroke during both prior conversations, she will approach you for answers. You can opt to:
  • Tell the truth.
  • Evade her questions which ends the conversation.
  • Agree to help her find out what became of the men.
  • Claim ignorance.

Rad Resist.png If you have no idea what came of Paul you can confront Cooke and ge a confession from him. You can also find Paul's body in town and let Darcy know.

Rad Resist.png After a week if you've helped her out, she will find a Heist Photo which implicates the criminal activity of Marowski, Cooke and Latimer. You can speak to any of the three about the photo, kill Cooke and Latimer or talk to Marowski. You can sell the photo to Marowski or use it to pay your debt to him. He will ask you to kill the other two (if they're still alive) for a reward. If you opt to speak to Cooke or Latimer they will offer caps for the photo.

Rad Resist.png Speak with Darcy and you may choose to split the loot reward with her.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Talk to Latimer and blame Marowski28 Aug 2016 12:17  

      Go to Good neighbour, shoot Marowski in the head point blank with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, collect reward from Latimer. Simple :D

      • Anonymous

        Getting Darcy out of house28 Aug 2016 12:17  

        Every time I go into Darcy's house and we talk about the photo and how we are going to deal with it and we come to an agreement but then she turns into an enemy and when I exit her house everyone Is shooting at me. How do I fix this or get Darcy to come out of her house on her own terms?

        • Anonymous

          Darcy situation28 Aug 2016 12:17  

          How do i even get to the Darcy situation? I spent a whole day irl trying different ways of approaching this quest, but i can't even get to it. I mean Darcy never speak to me about anything noted in the guide. She only gives me short replies, like "I expected more from this life". Can someone give exact order of steps that i should follow?

          • Anonymous

            Super mutants28 Aug 2016 12:17  

            Henry and Paul were both killed by super mutants before we got to the chem deal so I got the information out of Trish and killed everybody there and got the chems but now I'm being accused of killing Paul when I really didn't at all. xD It was whichever one's father asking me if I killed his son and I successfully lied to him(Even though I didn't kill him!) and told him that I hadn't and I didn't find out who told him that. So is Diamond City going to ambush me at some point because of this?

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