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Cambridge Polymer Labs
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Cambridge Polymer Labs (Quest) is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Cambridge Polymer Labs (Quest) Information


  1. (Optional) Find another way to escape the laboratory
  2. Complete the research project




Rad Resist.png This quest becomes available during The Railroad quest Underground Undercover. After taking the orientation tour given by the robot Molly and entering the clean room you are sealed in the lab. On the way to escaping the lab you can complete the research project that has been started. Take the mystery sample on the terminal in the lab room adjacent to the clean room and place it on the Chemical Reagent platform. Access the terminal next to it and run a diagnostic which will identify it as Hydrochloric Acid. Search two side rooms to find three more unidentified samples, you may also hack a novice terminal here to open the security doors, beware the Feral Ghoul rush that follows.. Run them through the terminal which will identify them as Lithium Hydride and Tungsten. Accessing the terminal and selecting Check Current Fabrication Parameters explains the nanoweave tech that is being reserached here and that what is needed are Lithium Hydride and Gold as the input reagent along with a radioactive isotope. Reading Ericka's terminal in the room sheds some light on the history of the research.

Rad Resist.png After unlocking the doors, head into the highly irradiated containment room, making sure to have Power Armor or a Hazmat Suit equipped. Find sample U-238 in a test tube on the rack. Travel up the stairs and head right into the room adjacent to the open area. Find in there another unidentified sample on a desk next to a suicide note. The sample will be identified by the terminal as Cobalt. Alongside the desk with the suicide note, you will see the ceiling has collapsed allowing you to walk up. Follow the path all the way to the end, being careful to avoid and of the drops. At the last hole drop down into the room, and be careful of the Feral Ghoul and cryo mine that will detonate. Locate Bergman's terminal and unidentified sample 611. Get the password and enable the override. The password completes an objective in the quest Underground Undercover and the override allows you to escape. Molly will become hostile towards you at this point after having entered from the now open clean room. Kill her to loot the CPL Director key.

Rad Resist.png Before leaving, complete the research! Scan the last unidentified sample you have which turns out to be gold. Place the Lithium Hydride next to the Gold, making sure the isotope is also in its chamber and then initiate the program. Tada! You are now the proud owner of special Power Armor having finished what the former staff could not.

Notes & Notable Loot

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      You get power armor but on the rare power armor wiki you have it says there are two types of armor you can get at Cambridge Polymer labs, how do you get each one?

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